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Sep. 2nd, 2020

I have quite personal stuff posted in here (eating disorders, self harm, etc),
so if you want to add me, then just comment and I'll more than likely add back :)


im hyper and i cant stop listening to D'espairsRay...they've become an obsession.
and i just got done reading concert reports and other random despa crap, and now
im insanely jealous of anyone who has ever seen them live. I'm so jealous im ready
to cry...when they come back to the US, i will BEG my grandpa to take me to see them...
they would come to Chicago, so its only a four hour drive from Eastern Iowa...XD

Yesterday, i spent $100 in about ten minutes. TEN EFFING MINUTES.
i think thats a new record for me ;)
and this is the prize winner: I only bought three things. yes, you read correctly. THREE
I bought:
D'espairsRay's Spiral Staircase #15 DVD, the GazettE's DIMSCENE DVD, and another
hide plushie ^^

D'espairsRay's new profiles...

so, on Despa's OHP (Japanese version, they still have the final call version up on the English version),
the profiles are different...
HIZUMI is wearing a red hat.
Karyu dyed his hair ^^
ZERO's hair looks...different XD
and TSUKASA definitely looks different.
I like the new looks, but I'm gonna have to get used to it :P
I like being pleasantly surprised by these kinds of things ^^


and in other news, I'm going to Alice In Wonderland
tomorrow ^_^

My baby puppy...i love you <3 TT_TT

 my baby boy (puppy) died sometime after 12:30AM yesterday morning TT_TT
he lived a good, long life of 12 years. i wish i knew what killed him. we took him
to the vet about a month and a half ago, but they couldnt find anything wrong with
him...but he couldnt have died of old age...he was so healthy and his health declined
too rapidly to be natural TT_TT
i knew this would happen eventually, but i just wish it wouldnt have been so soon TT_TT

I love you and i miss you...but we'll see each other, again <3
have a good time up there, and God...please take care of him while
i cant.


credit for my new amazing layout of Teru goes to

Im thinking about posting fanfiction up here...i dont know.
if ya don't like it...dont read it lol.

I like another band *cue my grandpa saying that they look like girls*
They are called "Matenrou Opera" I REALLY like them ^^

Writer's Block: Concert mania

X Japan for damn sure ;)
i would travel to the other side of the world if i had to
to see them live ^.^

the same goes for the GazettE, Acid Black Cherry, D'espairsRay,
Dir en grey, LM.C, Alice Nine, An Cafe, etc. XD
What band are you dying to see live in concert that you've never seen before? Would you travel to a different city or state just to see them?
^ credit for my awesome Karyu layout ^.^
talk to me?



hello all ^_^

im new here, and yeah...

it might take me a while to get
everything up and running smoothly...
cuz im lazy XD

i love japanese music....its the
best thing ever ^_^